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illumanize turn problems into solutions quietly and effortlessly – which is all anyone can ask for. Without illumanize, Flipnosis wouldn’t have been half as successful as it was – a fact pointed out to me by several publishers!

Dr. Kevin Dutton
Author of Flipnosis

This book is about a special kind of persuasion: Flipnosis. It has an incubation period of just seconds, and can instantly disarm even the most discerning mind. Flipnosis is black-belt mind control. It doesn’t just turn the tables, it kicks them over.

We persuaded people to buy it…

A dark and stunning website: reviews, the latest news, interviews and quotes from Andy McNab, Howard Marks, Michael Palin, Terry Jones and Richard Wiseman.

Integrated with a range of social media channels, Facebook, YouTube, Soundcloud and Kevin’s blog on Psychology Today. We invite all of Kevin’s friends to join in and spread the word. We taught him how to Tweet! We track visitors, remind him to mention the web address on the radio and smile with satisfaction when the visitor numbers spike.

The book peaked at #2 in the WH Smith non-fiction chart – just under Katie Price!


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