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illumanize created a web-site for The Harrogate Club, for which I am a member and the Vice President. I was so impressed I immediately asked him to re-do my company’s website which he did with the same brilliant results. I immediately found that I was using the web-site more to promote my business and receiving a more positive response from potential clients from the search engine optimisation. (I don’t even know what that means but it works!) Pete is always quick to respond with up-dates or changes and is a great sounding board for advice on all manner of design and marketing issues. I always try and work with people I like and who doesn’t like Pete Wilkins!? This guy gives his all, all the time!

Andrew McMillan

Fountainhead Ventures have been involved in high quality property development, project management and real estate consulting for over 50 years. During this time they have designed, built and regenerated commercial and domestic properties on both sides of the Atlantic.

Fountainhead concentrates on high-end conversion property. This includes everything from barn to hotel conversions into single and multiple family dwellings.

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