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Working with illumanize over a four-year period was consistently satisfying, efficient and fun. Pete has an upbeat, problem-solving approach that makes it easy to collaborate and takes much of the stress out of website design and data management. He helped us build a first-class online presence and helped us create collaborative tools and behind-the-scenes systems to allow quick and easy access to and analysis of a large quantity of information. As a scientist, I was impressed with his quick and straightforward communications. More importantly, as a colleague, I was cheered by his friendly, amenable and creative presence on our team. Great job!

Pranab Das, Ph.D.
Professor of Physics, Elon University, North Carolina, USA
Executive Editor, International Society for Science & Religion Library

The International Society for Science & Religion is the world’s leading learned society in the field of science and religion. Based at the University of Cambridge, its membership is made up of scholars from across the globe.

The International Society for Science & Religion has created a foundational library of central texts in the field of science and religion. This library consists of 250 books spanning all important areas and disciplines as well as key international and intercultural voices.

What we delivered

A bespoke website design allowed members of the society to catalogue and select all the suggested text, publish the final library list and invite applications from academic institutions across the globe.


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