Orthene Chemicals

World's largest independent brake fluid manufacturer
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From its foundation in 1976 as a specialist manufacturer and filler of Hydraulic brake and clutch fluid, Orthene has pursued a policy of steady growth in this specialist area. This has ensured that today, Orthene is a major global player in brake fluid, having perhaps the most comprehensive range of brake fluids in the world. Products are supplied to third party customers from many areas of industry.

From their site in the UK, brake fluids are designed, blended and packaged before being shipped all over the globe. Orthene products are used in every kind of climate from the sweltering humidity of the tropics to the searing cold of the Arctic Circle.

Orthene Brake Fluids are also used extensively in the world of Motorsport, including Formula 1, Nascar/Indy car, Rally and Motorcycle Teams. Orthene’s products provide the competitive edge constantly being sought after in this most demanding of arenas.

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