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  • Rainy Brain Sunny Brain website design

I could not be more pleased with my new website for Rainy Brain Sunny Brain. illumanize have done a fantastic job and the feedback from publishers, agents and others who have seen it say it’s one of the best author’s sites they have seen.

Professor Elaine Fox
Author of Rainy Brain Sunny Brain and Research Professor at the University of Oxford

At the heart of this book lies a deceptively simple question. Why are some people more responsive to carrots and some to sticks? Why are some driven to take dangerous risks, whilst others shun even the merest hint of danger? And why do some of us see life’s proverbial glass as half empty, and some of us see it as half full?

Do you look on the bright side? At illumanize, we like to think of ourselves as sunny brain people.

This project, for author and academic Elaine Fox, combines our talents for website design, motion graphics and social media into a branded online marketing campaign for her fascinating book about the science of pessimism and optimism.

Professor Fox probed the minds of her subjects with an experiment that flashed positive and negative images on a computer screen and measured people’s reaction times. We took this idea and created an engaging website that quickly conveys the concept and brand of Rainy Brain Sunny Brain.


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